Rental Agreement

I am an adult as defined by the laws of this state.

I understand that I am renting the product for four (4) days, which ends at 5:00 p.m. local time, three days after today (“Rental Period”).

I agree to return the product at this store before the Rental Period ends.

If I do not return the product by the end of the Rental Period, then I authorize Red Carpet Rocks, LLC (RCR) to charge to my payment card late fees equal to 33% of the rental fee per 24 hours after the Rental Period ends. If I do not return the product within three days after the end of the Rental Period, then I authorize RCR to charge to my payment card the full retail value of such unreturned each item.

I agree that if I return the product in a damaged condition, then RCR may charge to my payment card either the cost to repair the damaged product or the retail value of the product.

I understand that RCR cleans and sanitizes its products. However, I understand that RCR makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee that such cleaning processes will be effective in eliminating or destroying all biological forms, germs, bacteria, viruses, or other foreign matter. As such, I assume any and all health risks related to, or caused by, coming into physical contact with RCR’s product, and I fully release RCR from any and all liability related thereto. Red Carpet Rocks may contact me by telephone, email, text messaging, push notifications, and by other means, with RCR promotions, product offers, and advertisements.

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have read this entire agreement, including the Service Terms, Privacy Statement, Disclaimers of Warranties, Terms of Binding Arbitration/Class Action Waiver, and the Miscellaneous provisions of this agreement, which are at [insert url], and which are incorporated into this agreement by reference herein, and that I agree with all the terms and conditions provided therein.

CUSTOMER WAIVES ALL RIGHTS TO maintain any class action lawsuit AGAINST RCR in any forum.


CONTACT US. Please send any questions about this agreement to RCR at